Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sacred/Secular/Spiritual: Allow Yourself to Feel Rich Without Money

My credit crashed my first semester of college. It was the usual story. I got an MCI calling card and gave it to a boyfriend. He called his other women and ran up the bill and did not pay it back. Since all of my money went to school I could not either. I learned, never take out anything for anyone under your name. Wait, but my credit got worse as I attempted to establish credit and failed. I thought when I settled with the credit companies my credit rating would be restored. What I did not know then was that I still had a bad rating and that the credit card company had closed my account, wrote it off on their taxes, and sold my account to a credit agency who sold me lies in order for me to pay. I was hurt.
CAPTION above left: Sperm whale tooth bone was used in Fiji as their form of currency; whales are treasured and sacred in many Pacific island nations.
CAPTION on the right: Sumerian shells were used as currency in ancient Sumer that predated the Christian era several thousands of years.

In the early 20s I was depressed about my credit because I was told that bad credit would not get you anywhere. I could not get a house. I could not get a car. I could not be a successful citizen because I was negligent. So what did I do, attend seminars to establish a corporation. The guy who led them went to jail with millions of dollars. I took credit seminars and finance workshops, only to realize that I was giving away the money I could've saved.

CAPTION above left: Cowrie shells were used in Africa, India, Asia, and were the earliest forms of currency in China.

CAPTION below right: Beaver pelts were traded among many of the nations in the indigenous Americas.

And what do we have today. I failed industry that makes my student loans and other bills look like spittle in an ocean full of thieves and financial f*ck ups. Today, when I look at Suze Orman deny all those people and these shitty talk shows with credit advice that they did not follow, I flick the channel as easily as I flick a bugar. Because and all of them perpetuate this dependence on something that is FAKE. Today's currency is worthless! But why does the government continue to make junk money. Because we believe and slave for it.

Caption above left: Cacao seeds were used among the Aztecs as money. Cacao seeds are treasured because they create products such as chocolate that heighten awareness and trigger the release of endorphins in your system.
Caption below right: Grains were one of the oldest forms of currency. When Europe was experience severe food shortages and viral outbreaks Queen Hatshepsut launched the first Relief Aid by sending boatloads of grains, and other foods to enrich the starving tribes enclosed by the Caucasoid Mountains.

I went to the Newark Museum last week and there was an excellent display on the history of money. It was in the kid's section right behind the mini zoo. When I walked through it, I was saying to myself that it needed to be in the adult's section because we are so poor in the history of money. It was very informative and it validated my point that money is what you make it. Blog on...kns

Caption left: Swords were used by the Celts and Sudanese as currency.

Spiritually, we are so invested in something fake that we call money. This paper, these plastic cards, these accounts that sit in online limbo telling you an amount you have in the bank that you would not be able to take out if the bank crashed. It has happened so many times. But here we are moaning and getting salt-and-pepper hair over a myth. Money is not only a myth, it is a system of control. So what if a country, or a community stopped working? What if all the immigrants just packed their shit and said to hell with the American dream and went back to their home countries. What if African-Americans said that they would not lift a finger until they were compensated by the American government? No, their would not be a nuclear war. Their would be some renegotiating over labor and money.

The money system would plummet, as others in the past. Paper and plastic were not the only forms of money. In fact, the oldest money system recorded was the currency of cattle and then grains. Damn, if I could buy a house with five cows and a ton of wheat. Money is a social and political system that is implemented by those who are sure that they can control its flow. What is petro/gas was the currency? What if it was hair or sperm or toe nail clippings? We would be some carless, blad, over-ejaculated, flip-flop wearing, swollen feet folk.

Finally, money is not being rich. That is the biggest fallacy. Richness defined in the context of how much paper money you have is a social construction to control. Richness is to be spiritually full. Is to laugh and cry without any inhibitions. Richness is an intangible experience that money can never buy. And I am not coming from a preach-me, then tithe-me perspective because even in religions, money becomes the center to buy happiness, forgiveness, "godly" favors, and even validate anti-humanistic actions. To be rich, is to be you.

How do you allow yourself to feel rich without tell me.

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