Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Biometrics Surveillance, Mark of the Beast for a Turkey Sandwich

There is something very disturbing when children are used to "forward" surveillance technology. In a small, modest-earning town in Louisiana, an elementary school is implementing a palm scanning device in their lunch program.

This latest implementation of surveillance is one of a long line of biometrics surveillance and tracking what will be called your digital footprints and biometrics footprints.

The youth will have to scan their palms instead of giving a ticket. According to the principal, the palm scanner provides more accuracy. To whom he doesn't say, but it is probably for government purposes in a free lunch program for needy children. Either that or for all those lunch thieves in the second grade stealing beans and rice and beignets.

But thank goodness there is an "opt out" program.

Are you appalled, please don't be. Using children, poor communities, military enlistees and prisoners have been the easiest, simplest population of guinea pigs.

Don't think so, ask Disney, they have already implemented facial recognition, fingerprint scanners and monitors throughout the park.Yes, it is a small world.

Or the martial artist suffering from Parkinson's Disease who was arrested at a cycling event London Olympics by technology that reads body signals to determine if you are threat, and was snatched up because he was not smiling.

Or perhaps, the London advertisement agency, Clear Channel UK and 3D Exposure; that determines how to target consumers based on recognition of gender with facial recognition and eyeball scans.

This is not Wonderland, Terminator 3, or Total Recall, its the now ladies and gentlemen. Get ready for the ride, and take pictures all the time.

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