Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Watch Entry #1: We Need Educated, Culturally Aware Announcers

Ugandan Olympic contingency
Just because we have a few pastey-skinned, black reporters on CNN doesn't absolve the issue that members of the press, and in particular, the US are still ignorant, lack in diversity, and keep the cogs of institutionalized racism going.

Being a person who worked in the newsroom, I think one of the dumbest professions is journalism, because most "journalists" report facts and never take the time out to actually understand them. And in the case of growing technology, they do very little of acquiring facts at all.

Unfortunately, our media is darkened by idiots like Bob Costas who referenced Idi Amin in the opening ceremony as Uganda entered the London stadium for the Olympics. That's like referencing Hitler when Germany comes out or Stalin for Russia.

It even get's better. Costas said earlier about another African country, "If there was an award for country name that makes you smile, Djibouti would win the gold."

US Olympic news coverage needs an enema.

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