Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupying the Hood Takes on the Hood?

I'm still wondering if anyone thought about jacking Kanye West for his gold chain as he visited protestors at "Occupy Wall Street". Perhaps snatching out his blood diamond prosthetic teeth after he put on a multi-million dollar fashion show during fashion week?


And did anyone question Russell Simmons about those exploitative bullshit Rush Cards he pimped on people?

Because those two are part of the 1%. Multi-millionaires who have the luxury of globe-hopping, ho-hopping, and dick-riding with a Black card and private jet. Yes, the 1 percenters gotta have some affirmative action.

And though Russell Simmons does 20 downward dogs a day, he can still be an asshole and a capitalistic pig; just one who drinks wheat grass and can do a Chinese split in a 108 degrees Bikram Yoga room.

Point in case, someone criticizes John Lewis at an Occupy Atlanta rally saying that he is like one of us, and he chastises the general assembly plus calls the critic a dickhead. Really Russ?

And I'm just wondering why did these "grassroots" actions call for bodyguards?

With that bit piece, I must explore #Occupythehood Movement. So, what am I going to do there? Trek up to Marcy Projects and look at how big the rats have gotten? Beat down the owner of a bodega? Do a reality TV show on an immigrant slinging chilled mango pops and tacos?

What I'm saying is that we already occupy the hood. The world is a goddman ghetto and poor folk and people of color are the tenants.

Interestingly, I hear this debate, or perhaps I should say criticism about black people not being involved. Black folk been protesting since before this #Occupy Wall Street. In fact, this current occupation is just a continuum of political, social and economic agitation that pockets of people have been conducting for years.

Do you remember the groups down in Florida occupying abandoned homes that they were kicked out of due to foreclosure and homelessness. This shit ain't nothing new, but part of the process of a change long in motion, and long time coming.

What poor folks and folks of color can do is help are newly underprivileged understand the mysteries of iniquity. Rule #1 keep it moving, even when it seems like no one is listening, they really are. But you gotta keep it pushing.

FYI, there has been an occupation going on in Newark, NJ before any of this. Protestors of all colors have been committed to demanding economic justice in America. Right now on the steps of the old courthouse on Market Street in Downtown area, you can catch about half a dozen folk, without cameras, getting it in.

I'm just saying....
@OccupyTheHood, Occupy Wall Street from adele pham on Vimeo.

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