Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Distributing Gaddafi's Gold Backed Billions: To the Warmonger's Goes the Spoils

Let us get this fact in stone. War is about profit. War is not about freedom, or independence.

Frankly, if you want to know where the 1% make most of their money, it is in the killing fields.

War might start with great intentions of radical change, and all that great kum-ba-yah shit, but war is about money, power and greed. Fuck human life, or any life.

War, when it is presented as the only rational step for a person, people or nation, it is positioned as the vigor of hope.

War is an ecological and environmental disaster.

War is a fucking nightmare, especially for vulnerable populations such as women, children, and those who cannot relocate away from conflict areas.

War is crafted as an illusion filled with religious spook-ism that is akin to black Americans thinking that Abraham Lincoln was a saint who really wanted to free enslaved blacks because slavery was wrong.

On the contraire mes amis. Got Profit? Get War! It reaps the biggest coffers.

With the recent killing of Colonel Gaddafi, Libya's president, the profiteers who crafted this fake war are experiencing a total come up.

All the while, the NATO-backed "rebels" who participated in what was more of an ethnic cleansing (specifically black Africans) and a grotesque destabilization of the most developed North African country, are sitting with dusty missiles and AK47s, celebrating a win-less victory because they haven't a goddamn clue on rebuilding.

So what type of revolution was this, and why was it supported by Western Powers if it was disorganized and ran by these abstract radicals?

Gaddafi's billions sure as hell are not going to be re-distributed back to Libya, and certainly not those rebels. Though they might get a couple of tons of Viagra, Newports, and Schlitz Malt Liquor.

Gaddafi's billions sure as hell will not go into the multiple development projects throughout Africa that he funded throughout his tenure as president. Or to some great fund like AIDS research in Africa.

Matter of fact, there has been very little information as to where all of those frozen assets in Swedish banks will end up. Saif al Islam certainly will not get a pence of a Libyan dinar.

For your naughty little information, NATO has already billed Libya for the drone planes, the 10,000 bombs dropped on civilians, supplying millions in war arsenal to "rebel soldiers" who fought in flip flops, ragged robes and sandals.

One of the bills that must be paid is the $186 million for the Tomahawk missiles that were dropped. And that's just one invoice. So I guess it's safe to say that Libya will be paying out the rectum for the next 100 years.

Western news identifies these sandal-footed soldiers as some of the rebels that took over Gaddafi compound in Sirte.

And guess who's coming to dinner to fix this mess that those sand niggers couldn't fix? Big Brother Haliburton, and his Black Water bullies.

Have you ever wondered how the US got into this madness. One day it was Osama, then it was Sadam, then it was the North Korean cat with the bad toupee, then it was Fidel Castro, then it was Ahmadinejad, then Egypt, then Ahmadnejad again, then Gaddafi pops up out of the blue. Hunh?

And as people were moaning and groaning about how Obama was getting fucked by racist, homophobic Republicans, Indian-giving Democrats, bad house Negroes in the Congressional Black Caucus, and Cornel West, somehow, we forgot about the shit that was going on in Libya.

If we would have paid more attention to Libya, we could've allowed a hugh power shift that would've helped all of us 99ers.

I don't know if you knew this, but Gaddafi was one of the richest men in the world. Not in comparison to an impoverished Africa, or from a third-world perspective that terms hood-rich as having a Mercedes rolling through dirt roads of some village with naked, starved children.

Dude had major cheese.

Women in Bamako, the capital of Mali rally for Gaddafi in March 2011.
And it was through his money that he funded some of the most sustainable, beneficial projects in Africa, and in some cases, some of the most controversial political movements in the world. Earlier in the year, Western press cited that he has "poured billions" into some of the most impoverished African countries, yet he is described as "eccentric" in the next breath. So what does that make Bill Gates who poured billions into condoms and vaccinations into Africa, a fucking loon?

Then again, America funded the oil-rich barons-turned-despots, Osama bin Laden and Sadam Houssein at one time, so uhhh, please don't cast stones.

Gaddafi supported and pushed for serious, radical economic changes in all of Africa that would implode the inequitable global power structure. I wrote about one months ago when the Libya thing just was getting started. Gaddafi was pushing for African countries to use gold to back their currency, or use the gold standard.

Do you know how that would've dismantled every damn dollar and Euro? Unbeknownst to many Americans, the US hasn't had gold-backed money for almost 100 years when it began circulating more paper money than gold around 1917-1918.

Another initiative was Gaddafi's push for a United States of Africa. Whoa. I thought they said Africans couldn't get shit together because they were always fighting and raping women?

By now, some of us should be aware that when media all over the world disproportionately vilify a person, a movement, or a country, get ready, it is about to go to shit. Look at Wikileakes. They are silently getting murdered.

With that said, I encourage everyone to do as much inquiry about the movements of Gaddafi, good and not so great. But if you know anything about running anything, especially a country, and even a church fashion show, you never come out crisp and clean, or holier than thou.

And as I read in disgust the manner in which he died, I am certain that these so-called rebels also were doped with the local opiates cultivated in the nearby poppy fields in Pakistani and Afghanistan; or perhaps the bottles of Viagra and Vicatin courtesy of Western pharmaceutical companies.

Nevertheless, I feel for Libya, they are the ones who will really experience a sodomy in fuck-level proportions they aren't even prepared to receive. Not only will NATO control the sophisticated industries that Libyan government has developed under the "dictatorship" of Gaddafi, but they will use this country as an AFRICOM headquarter to direct military imposition on the Middle East.

Get ready Iran.

Moamar Gaddafi is laid alongside one of his sons and a high-ranking military officer as family members view the corpses before the bodies are burned at an undisclosed site. I must note that this is Western reports that I cannot confirm. I hope Gaddafi's soul can rest in peace because Libya will not.

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Ensayn1 said...

Yep you are right on and exact. Its about control of the scrilla! If you noticed, and I know you did, it was the military wing of the Rothchilds that were on the vanguard of the war on Libya. France, England and the U.S. Corp are the primary militants in combat against Libya..
Libya is one or was one of about five countrys that has no Rothchilds bank. Others are of course N. Korea, Cuba, Iran, Libya (now will have one) and I can't think of the other. But, whoa to these remaining countries.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was actually so educational, being someone who simply viewed the war in Libya as an act of philantrophy from the West, on behalf of the Libyan people, you know as the media portrayed I now see the Americans clearly had alterior motives for being so concerned for their fellow North African people who were subjects to a rule of dictatorship by the rival.