Friday, September 2, 2011

Jobs Feed Families, Speeches Feed Bullshit

I never cared for missionaries who went to starving countries with a bible in one hand and a nasty, bland biscuit in the other. But that was one effective tactic in expanding certain religions.

People didn't get baptized because they wholeheartedly believed. They allowed themselves to be submerged in muddy waters so they could eat. That is basic survival behavior. If you can't kill the people who hoard all of the food then join them.

And in missionary style, the Congressional Black Caucus members gave fiery speeches about the broken state of the Union while thousands grumbled in the hot sun donning their best church and business outfits. Though many of the them sucked their teeth with speeches that are a dollar late and a day short, they did so to finally get an opportunity to take part in the job fair that followed.

But in the flaccid-like movements that the CBC have garnered a reputation for doing, the job fair, if you would call it that manifested as a huge fail. According to fair-goers, the job hunt was a distant second to the photo ops and politricking. A number of booths were not even hiring, but just handing out literature for future availabilities.

One of the few businesses interviewing on the spot was McDonald's. And not for corporate positions, for fries frying and burger flipping.

CBC, you have got to do better. Once you do better, you will have more sway in forcing Obama to play a better hand. We don't need anymore goddamn preachers telling us what's good for us when CBC members are barely present in their own districts.

We need action, and we need jobs. And that's justice.

2 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

Money talks, bullshit walks!!

Anonymous said...

The CBC is group of self interest individuals looking to fill their own pockets. These black men and women might have came to Washington yeas ago with good intentions but are now opportunists seeking personal profit. Majority of the should step down.