Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Epic Fail of Black Bloggers is that We'd Rather Gossip than Rally to Truth, Information and Justice

If Troy Davis is murdered tomorrow, or the next year, or at anytime for a crime he did not commit, than a part of all of us will die. There is something about the killing of innocents that steals the humanity of the world one death at a time.

A slow drip to hell, and we are all falling.

However, many will not give fuck. Dying a little inside seems to be the accepted norm, as long as we can read bullshit blogs and blog entries.

I am still trying to understand why we salivate on gossip rumor blogs and entertainment blogs, but passover informative articles that can save lives, ours included.

We can comment on Ray J and his fake two-piece, or some cross-dressing, booty popping police officer getting head by Mr. Cee while taking ass-shots at the West Indian Day Parade, but pass on engaging in intellectually stimulating conversations that regard our future.

And when the shit drops in our face, we want to scream and holler, when all we had to do was read and engage in news, politics, policy and economic blogs.

Is there some type of mind control going on through these Internet screens, or are we that removed, that brainwashed, that complacent, that far gone?

I hold us all accountable, me included, for failing the literacy and intellectual development of the black blogosphere.

Fuck me and fuck you too.

Blog on, fucking idiots.

2 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

starshine said...

After reading this blog post about Troy Davis, please check out this blog: http://www.angryblacklady.com/

The bloggers at ABLC are wonderful.

Reggie said...

Sadly......this is true.