Thursday, August 18, 2011

London Bridges Falling Down

I had to chuckle at some of the good Brits who stood stunned at the behavior of rebellious countrymen and women who lit various parts of the British Empire like a good Havana stogie.

And the BBC, who were two blokes from saying, "Effing darkies are tearing up the queen's land." Doing the same tired shit that American media oft plays in citizen unrest. Blame it on those that are easiest to pick on so that the resolution is to squash the freedom of all in the name of deterring the troublemakers who need to happy that they can reside on sacred land.

And where was the queen? Scared shitless on a throne about 50 feet beneath the city. Old bat. Glad I'm not a British citizen, I'd probably get jail time for that one.

Oh poor England, you are not supposed to be like Greece or France, burning like Watts, while everyone seizes the opportunity to get some free shit like water and drawers, simultaneously, fucking up the most under-served areas of the country.

It seems to me that amnesia has crept into the psyches of these Brits. Now shame on you black and brown Brits, but you were enslaved then, so I will give you a small pass.

The history of America begins with the mythical religious fanatics landing on Plymouth Rock, somewhere in New England. These kind folk wanted religious freedom and to kum-ba-yah with the natives over dried corn and fried turkey legs done Pocahontas style.


Let me give you the real. England's prisons were overcrowded with murderers, thieves, and other deviants. And just like Japan's horrible waste management program that dumps billions of tons of shit in the ocean, England found a way to cast off the unwanted.

Thus the beginning of America and Australia was formed. Yep, the United States has a foundation of Jack Rippers, horse stealers, and those who loved to consort with goats and sheep.

My British cousins across the water, it is important to remember your history, so you are not too quick to say it was the darkies' faults.

What a fucked up race card you are pulling. And actually a dangerous one, because what you have coming to protect London for the Olympics is an evil you've never met. This is Big Brother warp speed. You already have all those cameras everywhere, now you will really get the mark of the beast.

But you know England must appear like a softie. It's just part of the image to hide the money bags of the world. After all, England's queen is the most seen face on any currency of the world. England is the money center, while the Vatican is the religious epicenter.

And guess where England is looking to neutralize the uhh, citizen problem? The military regime of the USA. Yes, the bulldogs, the security guards of the status quo, the henchmen of capitalism and world order.

But let me prepare my fellow brown and browner Brits who have not heard of the Beast, the devil himself, William Bratton, former police chief of New York and Los Angeles.

Let me back up a bit and explain. America was birthed through blood lust, thieving and vile fuckery. It was a natural evolution due to the first criminals who occupied these territories.

At one time in America, political disputes were resolved through the gun and blood. America are the original gangsters, trained by the queen himself. And that history is carried on quite well through law enforcement.

And England has recruited the number one urban terror to its lands.

Meet Bill Bratton, racist in fleshy pale skin, who jailed more people of color than the incarceration rate of England in the last five years. Lots of torture, corruption, and Hitler-like tactics.

Well, my fellow brown and browner people, and poor pale people across the water, get ready, Bratton is nothing short of a walking torture chamber off the coast of Guantanamo.

BTW, Raheem, please send me some looted scones and Earl Grey tea to satiate my sweet tooth of revolution.

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