Monday, July 18, 2011

Parenting Lesson 101: Don't Let Your 8-Year-Old Walk Home Alone in NYC

Killer of Little Leiby.

The disastrous thing about the movie "Home Alone" was this perception that little white boys could walk in comfort on the unpredictable, gritty streets of NYC.

People, that Macauly Culkin shit was fictitious!

I feel for any child brutally murdered the way that Leiby Kletzky was last week by Levi Aron, but there is a critical point that surely some people have missed.

Why in the fuck are parents going to allow an 8-year-old to walk by themselves, and in New York of all places? His juvenile innocence and his parents being distraught are framing this case, but I wonder, if any talk of an egregious parental decision is emerging.

Come on people, that is inexcusable. It doesn't matter how secure or tight knit a community such as Borough Park, there are sick fucks everywhere.

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Reggie said...

Shit was disturbing.

It's because of crimes like this that I fully advocate the death penalty. That man needs to die.

His mother is too stupid for words.