Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Because You Lick P*$$y Doesn't Make You Liberal-Minded

I worked with a bitter-old lesbian who doesn't know she is extremely racist and sexist. Occasionally, she would spout off these matter-of-fact racial commentary that was insensitive, and she had aversion toward men.

The most disturbing issue is that we worked in an academic setting and most of the women we worked with are women-of-color, and some have expressed that they are disgusted by her ignorant remarks.

She walks around with her chest poked out like a proud chicken, being overly-verbose and talking hot air. But she is respected and connected at this place of work . . . though everyone talks about her poor oral hygiene and turret-like behavior in which she butts in on every conversation.

Old lezzy was often paternalistic and condescending to other women, oft acting like the white hegemonic male she despised and protested against.

Overall, it was annoying how she conveniently used her lesbian card in discussions of oppression to get-in to the liberal club. In my opinion, a sexual identity that does not fit into hegemonic social codes is not an automatic admission into a political ideology that is "progressive."

I have plenty of black gay and lesbian friends who recant the insidious racist treatment they have encountered by whites who are LGBTQ. Then these same black folk are expected by LGBTQ'ers to support a movement that largely leaves them at the fringes.

However, let me get back to this foul-mouthed old lesbian. She is from the old school. One of those 70s feminists who declared women's liberation, but apparently forgot black, Latina, and Asian women had their own cultural hierarchies to contend in their own way. She operates from a paradigm that positioning her feminist consciousness as the key to liberation, when she performs daily acts of pure slavery.

You see in slavery, the best overseers were the blacks themselves. Black skin don't mean you kin.

Licking poon-poon is simply licking honey.

5 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

I work with a bitter lesbian as well. She doesn't seem to be quite as bitter and angry as your co-worker.....but she has her moments.

Licking pussy doesn't necessarily make you liberal minded; hell, I like to consider myself a moderate.

bayoucreole said...

I wonder how long it's gonna be before someone makes her a dead lesbo...people stressed out today...just sayin.

Anonymous said...

As a queer woman of color, I abhor white lesbians who are culturally insensitive, classist and racist. I encounter daily in community work.

I agree that many of white lesbians believe that because they are gay they somehow are "down." That they somehow don't benefit from class and race priveledge. When in fact they are just "down" right offensive. I stay away from them.

I get all of that but I do not understand why lesbianism is being reduced to licking pussy or being purely a sexual identity. I understand your frustration with this womans actions and her misuse of her personal idenity to co-opt a struggle. However, in your rejection or frustration with her you were offensive towards the black, Latina, and Asian women who are often called Old Lezzy. Or who gets accused of pulling a "Lesbian Card" Where is that at? Let me get one of those. And also whose identity gets reduced to sexual acts.

It wouldn't be fair to reduce a heterosexual woman identity as sucking dick. You have no idea if she even performs cunnilingus.

z.bediako said...

And look and the comments -
Bitter Lesbian
Dead Lesbo

I mean comeone.
Don't perpuate and encourage hate speech.

Eco.Soul.Intellectual said...

i knew i was going to take heat for this post, so let me put this blog in context. it was in frustration that i wrote this, and in this blog, i am honest and sometimes not politically correct; and prefer not to be. i am simply speaking my mind in the daily rumblings and i do it with caustic humor. old lezzy, etc. is referring to her positioning herself in conversations regarding oppression thru her lesbianism. unfortunately this post doesn't go into lesbianism, and it was not intended to deduce to a sexual act.