Tuesday, June 28, 2011


In the midst of the craziness comes light and calm. Right now I am about being in a place that is filled with light, peace, healing, prosperity, and growth. Yes, the most cynical of us has light.

In between my cynicism and jabs, I must fall back and examine myself. The accusatory finger points in both directions. And as I criticize, I also look within. I was told about a nice video that talks about healing, something that we all do.

In this atmosphere, we all have obtained funky bumps and bruises on our souls. Here is something that re-teaches the lesson and power of transforming and reaching our higher selves.

I had a note on my printer that said, "Thoughts become things." And they do, I would spit regularly that I didn't like my job and wanted to be somewhere else. When I was laid off, I was shook.

Then a younger sister said to me a couple of days after announcing my release, "You weren't happy there anyway. You wanted to leave."

And I thought, hunh, "I did want to leave." But I was scared at the possibilities or the unknown of what was to happen. I was willing to work in misery in order to hold onto a source of income that was actually strangling my love of writing and creating.

Life has a way of moving you into a place where you need to be. Now I am embracing where I am, and feeling good as I grow into the awareness that we are, who we think. And I am great, good, wealthy to the bone, loving, healing, growing, thinking, moving, exercising, loving and transforming.

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