Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Remembrance

I never discovered the music of Marley, I naturally sojourned to it sometime in junior high school or high school. It will always be my church spirituals, my morning meditation, and my protest songs rolled with passion and sensuality.

When I discovered some of the darkness of Marley, like the multiple women and cocaine use, I was absolutely shocked. How could someone make music so beautiful, and have foul habits.

This was around the same time, I got a lot of information regarding Martin L. King, Jr. and his chain-smoking, rolling stone ways.

It was then I had to really reflect on the danger of the Jesus construction. It is when the masses rely on one person, in the form of male, to save them. Thus, this person must be heaven and holy, and when he is not, many of folk make excuses and turn the other cheek.

But when I'm skanking in the club and the deejay plays Marley hits back-to-back to let the people know the lights will come on soon, I understand that he was a messenger. A damn good medium that was unafraid to be a vessel of truth and healing.

Marley revived my love of resistance intertwined with melody and interwoven in my locks.

Marley also made me crtique our contradictions.

Marley provides a space for me to dump guilt and self-regulation that stifles my growth; because I know that I am a vessel of truth. And like Marley I am human.

I absolutely love this song Stevie Wonder made in response to Bob Marley's song, "Jammin'" and "Exodus"

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Reggie said...

Nice post

I absolutely love this particular Stevie Wonder jam.