Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting Sexy & Healthy @ a Local Memorial Day Getaway

Years ago I went to a bellydance class in my hometown Los Angeles. There was a sister by the name of Sunyatta Amen who got a group of women moving their hips and ass. I was floored to see how stiff most of us were, as we tried to maneuver big butts, ample thighs and curves that were more than enough to feed an African village.

Well, Eco.Soul didn't have a problem with juking and wining', but I never forget the next day. Not only were parts of my body sore that I didn't expect, but I had massive dumps (bowel movements) for the next week. Yup, got cleaned out by belly dancing and firebreaths.

Since, I've followed Sunyatta and went to her studio in Takoma Park, MD some years ago. Though I gag at Michael Baisden, I do bear to listen if I hear Sunyatta's on. She is the goddess of sexy. Well, after me.

For real, for real, if you are in the DC area, I totally advise you to check out the "Movement & Wellness Expo" this Memorial Day Weekend.

It is a weekend of indigenous movement workshops from Belly Dance, Tribal Movements to Tahitian Dance, to sexual tantra Yoga, yummy.

Women and men flood this event as there are things for everyone. Brothers, if you are single, this is a great place to be. And sisters, this is a great place to network and meet cool peeps.

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