Saturday, April 23, 2011


As people who follow the Christian doctrine prepare for the Easter holy day, and those who follow Judaism finish up Passover, there are others who are ensconced in spiritual or religious rituals older than those.

Many acknowledge the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere through ceremonies that predate the appearance of Christ, Mohammad & Moses. There are those who engage in fetes that celebrate the essence, beauty and exquisite powers from Africa.

Throughout the African Diaspora in the Americas and the Caribe, there are folks who have retained or recaptured the spiritual gatherings in the celebration of the West African-based Orisa spirituality.

It is during this time, until the summer, there are many festival celebrating the Orisa named Osun. This Orisa is spelled and called many ways in the Diaspora Ochun, Oshun, Shola, Erzulie.

Osun Reference in Love Jones, A Blues for Nina

Osun Festival, Odunde Festival, New York

Osun Performance, Havana Cuba

Osun Festival, Oyotunji Village, Sheldon South Carolina

Osun Festival, Oakland, California

Osun Ceremony, Candomble, Brazil

Osun Festival, Osogbo, Nigeria

Osun Festival, Asheville, North Carolina

Osun Festival, Ode Remo, Nigeria

Odunde Festival, Celebration of Osun, Philadelphia

Cosmic Slop, Pt. 2 Virgin Mary (This is the trailer to all of the Cosmic Slops, but do you remember the second one with the priest and the Virgin Mary)

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