Saturday, April 30, 2011

Healthy Hair Care Products a Sista Can Afford and Can't Live Without

Hair Robics founder, Stephanie Suthers has been growing her hair naturally since her early 20s, she is now 57.
I used to love her, Carol's Daughter that is. Back when you had to wait a month to get your product, pre-Oprah, when the oil, oiled your scalp, and it was made with some down home love.

I applaud Lisa Price's success. And her expansion. At the moment, I just can't afford her products. Plus I've found some other, much more wonderful things that I use to play in my hair.

Here are some things that I swear by, and I've been wearing my hair perm-free, my whole life.

Nope, not a mixed-chick, or a curly-frizzy wearer. I'm a knotted, knotty head who has worn locks to cornrows, to twists, to fros.

And after wearing locks for 11 years, I can say that my hair is still amazingly complicated. A journey that I used to despise is today a honor I wear on my crown.

These products are black owned, herbal, vegan, budget-friendly and effective. Tell them that Eco.Soul sent you.

Darcy Botanicals' hair moisturizing products brings life into hair that is stripped of moisture. As an avid swimmer and someone who cranks up the thermostat to 77 degrees in the winter, my hair gets extremely thirsty.

I first tried out a product by Genuine African Formula for my crusty feet called, Gator Balm. I saw it on Penn Herb's site and was intrigued by the simple packaging that looked like an old school Queen Helene fixture. But the name, Gator Balm was the most interesting. "Anything that carries a name like that," I thought, "has got to produce great results." And they sure did. My little flour kickers that ripped bed sheets at night began to get some luster and smoothness. But I still had to get dead skin from 1985 sworn off my heels by my Latina pedicurist, Evelyn.

However, I was so floored by Gator balm, I plunged into their all-herbal hair products. I fell in love with the Herbal Rinse and HairGrow Gel. I love to give myself twists and the gel, that you put on your scalp lays my active hair down. And softens it as well, not plasters it to my head. And it is not a cakey mess. The rinse has seaweed and a host of herbs that moisturize and soften my complex head of curls.

Hair Robics is the best kept secret in black hair care. I've been using the products off-and-on since 1996. The reason that I'm sparse is because distribution is not as expansive as it should be. Damn the monopoly of hair care by China and Kore stores.

I met the Suthers, a wife-husband duo who owns the company. Stephanie started creating the system when she was in her early 30s. Not at 57, she has hair and body care that is marvelous.

I honestly can say I love all of their products.

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Reggie said...

Whenever I see a sista with long hair like that I feel a deep need to pull it from behind!!!

LotusDoll said...

Just a heads up, placenta products should not be used because they contain hormonal properties that can off set balance in one's pituitary gland and over time can really mess up one's own natural balance.