Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black History Month Can Learn a Moral Lesson from Talib Kweli

Tonight in Lawrence, Kansas, hip hop artist Talib Kweli Greene is performing sucker free.

Last week the New York lyricist announced that he requested gut-bucket liquor company Colt 45 to pull out as co-sponsors for his concert in the Mid-western region.

If only Black History Month could take a lesson from Kweli and stop selling our history for a couple of cases of Budweiser. And prolly Diddy with his tired Ciroc endorsements, along with Ludacris and Voodoo, or all the free Cristal Champagne advertisements, even Lee and his Absolut Brooklyn stint can recognize.

And someone puhlease tell the negro-thug rapper, Snoop to get off of Colt's payroll. He should've learned that hard living can kill after the death of Nate Dogg who was reportedly living a life of hard drink and bad eating before his strokes and ultimate departure.

Plus, black people already have funded liquor companies for seven generations.

Ask Haitians, they know all too well. It was the sugar plantations of Santo Domingo that started Brandy and Cogniac distilleries in France in the 17th century. And Brandy nor Cogniac is offering reparations any time soon.

Bravo Talib.

2 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

Nice post.

Integrity seems to be rare these days.

Mildred said...

I wish more folks were aware of our history. The irony of this situation would kill them.

From the Medford Historical Society site:

The cargos of these ships included slaves, rum, molasses, and various other items. Rum and molasses from Medford were taken to West Africa, where they were used to buy African slaves. The slaves were then transported to the Americas and sold.