Sunday, February 27, 2011

Waking Up to Smell Jasmine Tea Leaves

Excuse me everybody, I had to take a much needed vacation. Blogging, working, just getting married, writing my dissertation and paying the bills is a beast. So I decided to rest during the shortest month of the year and catch up on some sleep and time with Mr. EcoSoul.

Well, I sort of kind of rested. This year I attempted to plunge into volunteering for programs dedicated to our historical achievements but got slapped with 28-days of Negro-ism. It seems that the more we "progress" the more we "digress" on basic humanity movements, like knowing our history and being proud of ourselves. And at least being on time for a black history event.

It seems as if Post-Obama has caused a decline in the presence of Black History celebrations. I didn't know his inauguration meant the decline of a much needed rememberance of how deeply embedded the contributions and presence of people of African descent in the US, and throughout the world. Unfortuantely, this year was light weight, but our children live in virtually ignorance of black folk.

We've got so much work to do; especially with the forcing of restructing public education, and anti-public education bullies such as Green Dot and Parent Revolution that pose as organizations for educational change; when they really are private sector venture capitalists pushing for the privatization of schools and not parent-child interests.

And speak of revolution, it is boiling into a bitches brew across the globe. Like the lot of you, I know you have been watching this Jasmine Revolution and hoping that the Tea Party doesn't start any shit.

Nevertheless, revolution is here. And everyone goes through it. I hope folk in the Mid-East/North-Africa region understand that revolution is also filled with chaos. For those who want structural change that will uplift the people, there are 10 times more people who want the power to shift to another hand, another monopoly that can disguised as the "people's choice". Revolution ain't free. It ain't pretty, and it doesn't smell like the fresh aroma of jasmine leaves, but more like the fertilizer that helps it bloom.

But change has arrived, right on our laps---gyrating and popping like a Magic City skripper---gifted, talented and double-jointed, and waiting for the explosion of freedom.

So what I'm saying is, hello world again.

Blog On, Eco Soul

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A said...


I found your blog through some others. I'm completely engrossed in the Jasmine Revolution - I'm a Middle Easterner and I'm delighted that it's happening, knowing full well that there's going to be chaos and ugliness in the aftermath. We're talking about a people who've never known democracy, so it'd be silly to fantasize about democracy ruling the land in a clean and neat fashion.

Regarding the tea party - I think it's hilarious that they claimed to be inciting a revolution against tyranny. Here were people exercising their Constitutionally protected right of protest, on publicly funded lands, with the presence of police officers there to PROTECT them in case any violence broke out. These people have no idea what revolution is. Try speaking your mind in the face of the threat of civil war and death!

Anyway, nice post.