Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Predictions for 2011

2011 is the year where everybody must tighten their belts, slap some grease on their faces and put on some boxing gloves because there will be serious fight to get to 2012. This year will be the year that tests survival skills, hustle skills, and if you are in a relationship, your bond with your significant others.

One. Creativity will reign. The lack of creativity in music, TV, and films will welcome fresh perspectives. If you are an artist, it is time for you to approach these thirsty companies, but on your terms. You will see the burgeoning of more concerts of independent artists and a shift in performing arts itself. With this there will be more of a global presence in our art that will include people of color and not just white Brits.

Also, creative minds that can assist in increasing the profits of companies will burst through this year. Eff these huge, stuffy marketing firms that lack flavor and prefer to suck it out of its junior employees like vampires. Renegade employees and small firms will make a mark and bring new blood to the old. As well, if you work for a company or firm, employees who offer innovative solutions within a challenging economic environment will receive bonuses, and can negotiate for promotions and raises.

Two. Pleasant manners will take you a long way. The last thing people want to deal with is an asshole while they are struggling. Simple greetings, a positive attitude and cordial demeanor are appreciated. You never know how far a compliment or gesture of kindness can stretch.

Three. What you know will receive more credibility than who you know, since nepotism has effed up a considerable amount of companies.

Four. Accountability will increase. Citizens will become more active in seeking answers and results from local, state and federal governments; especially since pensions, benefits and jobs are dwindling.

Opportunities to reinvest in cheap inner city properties will jump again rapidly. Look at waterfront properties, and real estate along major public transportation routes and in or near the downtown areas. These are places have the best plumbing and will be developed faster than other areas due to them being the heart of the city.

A boom in the population will occur. Somehow, downturns in the economy create more children. We know why, people don’t have the money to do anything, but fucking is free.

Obama will have no choice, but to start chin checking.

One. Massive gentrification in the inner cities will lead to mass displacement of vulnerable populations.

Employment opportunities will begin to increase, but the offers will most likely be without adequate benefits, but request new hires to work more for less pay, and non-unionized.

Two. Students from working class and under-represented families will be forced to leave college due to financial constrictions. It doesn’t help that the federal government cut budgets at HBCUs and for EOF programs at predominantly white universities.

Three. Child trafficking and sex tourism in developing countries will be even bigger business.

Four. A rise in cults, fanatical religions and religious wars.

Five. The talk of another war will begin to be evident.

Six. Wendy Williams will receive an extended contract.

Seven. Green Dot and Parent Revolution will begin to gain more speed in overtaking under-performing schools as they dupe parents who are exhausted by an inferior educational system.

Eight. Obama will finally get it in the last quarter of the year, after we’ve been struggling like hell.

The real estate market will fall again after a false boom.

State, county and city municipalities will fail to deliver basic government services to its citizens. A new term is being created called, “Dead Beat Municipalities”. This is already going on.

The disparity between the rich and poor will increase in abundance.

US currency will plummet even more.

More cloned meat, poultry, fish and produce will flood the market; while restrictions on home gardens, herbs, and vitamins will increase.

People will begin to be forced to travel five to ten miles or more to purchase groceries.

More war will keep the defense budget as the highest recipient of federal money.

Sarah Palin will still be on the scene, along with Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Racist crimes will continue to rapidly increase and the perpetrators as well as the victims will still not know they are just pawns in a larger scheme.

An almost bankrupt government will visibly lead to largely privatizing roads, public schools, county hospitals, railways, and water/sewage systems just like the prison industrial complex.

Eco.Soul.Intellectual’s Recommendation
1. Get healthy - Exercise, Eat Right, Sleep & Drink Water
2. Buy Silver - Try the Lakota Coins
3. Get a Trade/Vocation
4. Plan as if your 401K will tank or you will not even have one
5. Grow some type of produce
6. Travel the first chance you get
7. Read & research what is happening because it is happening to you
8. Turn off the radio

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bayoucreole said...

I'm loving your recommendations! I think I'm gonna put number 6 in the forefront and work on that along with the one first.
Too many people I know are dying.

Anonymous said...

whoever you are i love it and for that love you:)

Ensayn1 said...

Turn on blogtalk radio.

Reggie said...

Damn Negrodamus, you're not exactly predicting flowers and sunshine are ya?!?