Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

This is a re-post of my 2011 forecast. I thought about this as I was marinating on the events of the day. Wow, I'm good . . .

May the creator, ancestors, light beings, your mama, pookie and the crack head down the street, bless you in this New Year. The number 11 is a master number that resonates with being highly charged and highly inspirational.

This year people will finally get that change comes from within and really begin to transform themselves, thus transforming society the way that they are growing. Continue to move in growth and let go of any mistakes that you made. Exercise and learning how to relax will be important in this huge shift that the society will take. I suggest yoga, taichi, salsa dancing, swimming, tea parties and gatherings of good people to surround you with love.

This brings the next aspect of 2011. People will be coming into a lot of insight about what is going on and what needs to be done to bring some alignment for 2012. It will mark the beginning of destroying an old way and paving a new road of understanding and being. Be prepared to be stretched and pulled in ways you did not expect. Welcome the challenge because it is the shaping of a refined you.

This year will also demand that people must be more diplomatic, respectful and resolution conscious. We will be moving in how we can fix rather than harboring on who broke it. We all crave harmony, thus structural transformation will occur.  Either shit or get out of the pot.

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Reggie said...

God knows I need my blessings, so I'll take all that I can get thank you.

Happy New Year most insightful lady!!!