Friday, September 10, 2010

Hide Your Women, Hide Your Ribs Cause Madison Will Chop it Down: Caution Black Man Cooking

Food is an experience for me, and sometimes I get lost on the Food Network between Iron Chefs and all the like. However, I usually turn it off because I get tired of seeing the same folk...until I met Madison Cowan on the cuisine competition of "Chopped."

Me and Mr. EcoSoul thought Madison was just the typical affirmative action competitor who gets eliminated before round one ended, but we were quite wrong.

Madison, a Yardie bredda brimming with serious Brixton swagger absolutely murdered dem on his night on "Chopped". And the killing style was ever so soft.

I swear if I had the license to create the black version of that Dos Equis man, it would be him.

He doesn't sweat. He doesn't get nervous. He gets no screwface. He just cooks his ass off with the most exquisite demeaner. I wanted to scream at the TV "James Bond" muthafucka, "James Bond."

And as he says, "Food is like women." Ooohhhh, and I think he has eaten quite a lot. Seen?


That white female judged was gushing so much she cried at the end when he won. All that was missing was her saying, "Mandingo, I wanna have your baby."

But watch out. I heard those Jamaican brothers can cook, but will chase you with the machete if you wrong them.

Seriously, I have to big up brothers who can cook. It makes a sister's day. And Madison is something fierce that goes beyond the kitchen.

He is a brother with a fascinating life where he has recreated and refined himself several times that includes homelessness.

Plus he gives his love and ode to his adorable daughter, his inspiration.

I went to Madison's site and he has a book coming out, Soul Voyage...A World of Comfort. But for now, check out his blog, Yum Yum Eat'em Up.

Maddy baby, I don't know if they are ready for you on the Food Network, but I swear you need a show.

Cheers as you say...

Blog on brother, blog on

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Reggie said...

I really liked how he said that he'd judge dishes by whether or not his daughter would like it.

He sounds like he'd be a good daddy.

His food does sound like it would have a lot of soul, I'd love to taste it. You can tell that he puts a lot of himself in his dishes. Too bad he doesn't have a restaurant around here.

I really enjoy The Food Network, I've been watching it for years. It's because of that network and specifically The Iron Chef (the original Japanese show) that I started eating sushi. Now they did cook some shit that I would have never put in my mouth, but that wasn't very often. My wife wouldn't watch the show with me because she kept saying that next week's main ingredient would probably be puppies or kittens.

Madison Cowan said...

Sista Eco.Soul....upon speaking w/ you I was moved to suss out your blog & I'm overwhelmed! Thank you for your lovely comments, massive support & gratuitous PR! Big up & one love to you & your dad, birds of a feather!