Monday, August 16, 2010

When an Elder Passes it is like a Library Being Burned: RIP Abbey Lincoln

Once upon a time, black artists in significant proportions opted to embed activism in their work. Such as Abbey Lincold, Jazz singer, actress and activist. As sassy and fiesty as her performance, Lincoln's many stances and steadfast spirit lives on.

I met Lincoln one night in front of the screen playing a character called, "Ivy" in "For the Love of Ivy" starring Lincoln and Sidney Poitier. I fell in love with her understated power. Lincoln played a housekeeper seeking liberation from white employers who attempt to make her stay by hooking her up with "Jack Parks" a trucking company exec.

The simple love story is what many films fail to achieve today. Like the movie with Latifah and Common. Sorry, forgot the name already. Yeah, it was sweet, but hella unbelievable. I thought Latifah was going to bend Common over and stick three fingers in his rectum and call her regular side chick to the bedroom.

Anyway, Lincoln is one of my cherished memories. Artists take note to an original.

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