Thursday, July 8, 2010

Passion of the Racist Mel Gibson

My aunt would drool when you said the name Mel Gibson. You know she's the one who would kill and steal for a white man to suit her. When speaking about him she would always emphasizse that he was a good Catholic who had many babies and stayed married as if he would have a kid with her.

Well, that was before he ditched his old lady for a younger baby mama who decided to reveal the true Mel after she couldn't stand to fuck him anymore for the chump change his wife left him. But my aunt would probably still defend him to the core.

So let's see. Gibson has clearly stated that he loathes Jews, Blacks and now Latinos. What a small world he has created for himself.

I guess.

I'm not surprise. Hey, he was reared in Austrailia for some of his formative years and they're known for being vehemently racist and faithful domestic abusers. Ask the Aborigines.

But this is Hollywood folks. He is mild in comparison to some of the people making major decisions. You know the same folk who cried during the movie Avatar, swearing it was nothing short of a love story as opposed to another "White man saves the day" flick. Then would cut the funding of a great movie staring black folk that isn't Tyler Perry in the blink of an eye.

All he needs is a good ass whoopin, some days in rehab and a talk with Tim Wise, the inner ciricles of Hollywood will let him back in.

I guess.

Now I know why Danny Glover never mentions his sorry ass.

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Reggie said...

Funny thing is that when I first started reading this, the first person I thought of was Danny Glover.

Is anyone really surprised?!? Still, I do so love to hear him say..."I am William Wallace".