Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'mma Watch Me Some Cartoons

In the midst of this mess, you gotta laugh from crying all the time. Though much of the humor is a crude, bitter truth, we gotta laugh. Thank God for the multi-million dollar flop "Waterworld," or Kevin Costner would not have been inspired to fund his oil spillage clean up machine. Now let's see what's gonna happen when Mother-Nature or Harp-inspired weather, you be the judge, comes in the form of a tropical storm.

I am through with asking "Why Louisiana, again?" Now I'm about being the change that I am supposed to be absent red-tape government diaries, political buck-dancing, and white supremacist hatred that is fused in the funky, ugly monstrosity we call the public sphere. My change is to appreciate intelligent humor I find in the "Boondocks". Aaron McGruder's humor is representative of the young, black ambivalence that seeps through the cracks of American shit-sling called politics, and cultural-politics.

It is an ambivalence I admit to hold---one that wants to progress, but knows that multi-headed, sometimes opaque issues that overlap and sully the best of intentions and movements. Boy oh boy, the new-age strategists are cold, but in truth, those who buy into the strategies hook-line and sinker are the best weapons of self-anihilation.

Nope, I don't mean end-of-the-world, but just another cog in the wheel of life's bullshit. Ho-hum, I'm going to do some hot Yoga and woosah. In the meantime, check out an episode of the Boondocks, the latest one satiring Tyler Perry's overt, down-low-ism is hilarious. If you click the photo, you'll laugh at this one regarding Huey being the muse of an Obama documentary.

Brilliant Aaron.

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Reggie said...

The Boondocks is funny as hell!!!

The first time that I saw it, I remember being surprised and taken aback by the dialogue. But the reality is, that show is relevant.