Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time Saving Sucks Like the Un-Healthcare Reform

Today I was exhausted when I trudged to work. That damn daylight saving's time messed with my sleep. Then this torrential rain in the NYC area makes the upcoming spring a hot, muddy mess. I know the rain is needed, but Mama Nature my cabin fever is running high. I need to be free.

Twice a year when man, I mean Congress becomes "God" and changes the time, it reminds me how this shit is so fictitious. For real, if a group of overpriveleged actors without a SAG card can determine when us rats have to run on this race, then surely they can provide simple shit for the slaves like healthcare, true bank reform, organic foods, clean water----you know, human shit.

Nevertheless, the cocks and hens are strutting and cock-a-doodling non-sense as they peck away at a healthcare reform that looks like a slumlord renovation of the projects.

My mama would tell me growing up, "EcoSci something is better than nothing," but on this one mama, I prefer to throw this ish back into the water.

Man, my teeth hurt and I know I've lost a filling or two. You would think that this hard-working phdiva (who used to be corporate) could see a dentist instead of going to the dental school to have neophytes work on my grill. Well in the words of the ig'nant, I am not a responsible US citizen because I have not found a job or accessed school healthcare that I can afford to get dental insurance.

Ahh, for those who are insensitive, please lick the spatula of my last pap smear. Oh yes, I'm not feeling it today so puhlease don't fuck with my being.

Ho-hum, blog on, EcoSci

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Reggie said...

I'm and early riser, always have been. To be honest, I never notice the difference, other than noticing that the sun stays up longer.......I actually look forward to clocks springing forward. All it really means is that I'll have time to exercise by walking around in my neighborhood after a long day at work.