Thursday, February 11, 2010

John Mayer Your Hood Pass Was Never Issued

So yes, you've heard the Negro-ologist, singer John Mayer give his oh-so deep philosphy on nigger-ism.

I will not wast my time recanting what he said, but I have several points to make.

One, you hanging out with a couple of rappers and them "dropping knowledge" on you will never give you a pass at being black, and gives you a very narrow perspective of what being black in the US means and is. Oh, but if you had a hood pass you would know that.

Two, being black is not equivalent to being a nigger.

Three, not only are you an unconscious racist asshole, you are sexist as well with the comment you made about Kerry Washington being "white girl crazy," as if you have written the book on black women (not girls you fucking jerk).

And that half-ass apology you made on stage the other night will definitely save you a couple of black female groupies with low self-esteem and who probably are power packed with genital herpes and baby-daddies that are locked up waiting to wax that sweet cock you have termed as a "white supremacist" dick.

1 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

I didn't get this whole thing. I didn't get why people even gave a shit and I didn't get the stupidity of what he said. Part of it is the stupidity associated with a presumed "hood pass"; just like the stupidity of people saying that Bill Clinton was the first "black president". Sometimes we overthink things; apparently he wasn't thinking when he opened his mouth.

What he said was really stupid and a good example as to why there needs to be a national dialogue on race. We need to get beyond stupid things like this.