Monday, January 18, 2010

What Would King Say?

Today, more than ever, much of King's and Malcolm's philosophy needs to be implemented. Time for some damn action instead of the tons of people who use King rhetoric to get elected or prove that they are colorblind, especially during the Holiday.

Of course, I understand that if both were alive today, their view on the world would've evolved and been something out-of-this-world.

Also, I think that at the very least, Malcolm would have ran for president of a West Indian or African country by now.

But what "inequitable power bloc" could allow such brilliance and humanity to flourish?

Since King and Malcolm were snuffed at the peak of their spiritual warriorhood, I will channel their energies from decades ago.

The message today would be about doing the work. King would challenge America and other slave holding colonies for consistently and consciously undermining the only black sovereign state erected by self-emancipated enslaved Africans in the Western hemisphere.

His message would be two-fold, while challenging the botched policies of America, France, England and Spain, in regards to Haiti, he would also be about doing the work of rebuilding a needed infrastructure.

King would look at the natural disaster as mother nature telling all black people that we must all rebuild our internal structures first, in order to complete the external work that is needed in the long haul for Haiti and all black people. For it is our inner shit that has been shaken, broken, and is crumbling that has stymied our abilities to manifest nationbuilding.

Also, King would pull General Larry Plait aside and slap him twice for turning civil activism into a point of mockery. But let me add this, I've met General Plait while living and working in Atlanta, and HE AIN'T RIGHT IN THE HEAD.

Malcolm, a self-identified Pan-African would agree with King, and also be forming legal counsel to charge France, Spain and the United States for genocide on Haiti at the United Nations.

As well, he would recognized the several hundred Cuban doctors who have been providing medical care to Haitian earthquake victims, but are not getting any press in the US.

Then he would sanction a couple of helicopters to do food drops throughout Haiti and rewrote the logistics plans in providing aid with ten Kantrina survivors.

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Reggie said...

I agree, it's time to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.