Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Free Yo' Mind and Yo' Ass Will Follow List

I did not want to make a predictions list, but I do want to leave you guys with something that is more than a New Year's Resolution, but a year-long mantra that will carry into 2011.

What people are now painfully accepting in the era of change, is that we are CHANGING, but in ways we were not prepared.

And the change will occur whether we agree or not.

In this change, the largest virtue is to be fluid like water.

You cannot control the flow, but you can control the direction you will sojourn.

Free Yo' Mind So Yo' Ass Will Follow 2010 List
1. Blog Back. This goes out for the bloggers who have been re-educating and re-informing the world, including myself, on things that have been happening. My fellow virtual-intellectuals who keep me abreast on what is going on is the real news that makes this world kick. The revolution is being streamed and buffered.

2. Grow something edible. Even if you live in an urban area, you can sprout some beans or grow a small tomato plant. It is so important that we not only re-learn the essentiality of growing our own food, but also the powerful relationship of consuming something we cultivated. With this, there is a very good documentary you should check out called, Food Inc., a film that details the toxi industrial food system that can provide answers to why so many of us are blowing up, developing allergies, and getting sicker due to unhealthy foods. It aslo forewarns of food shortages.

3. Buy in Season and Local as much as possible.

4. More great sex. Need I say more about this.

5. Find your humanity and sanctity. We are more than a news report, a race, or a statistic.

6. Buy a piece of land/Don't sell your land. Right now, the rate of foreclosures is making land very affordable throughout the world. If you cannot do it yourself, link up with a small group of investors and buy a piece of land. Right now an acre in some areas of the south is going for $1,000. As well, keep your land if you fully own it, even if you have to lease it out, but do not give it up. 7. Deal with your nature phobias. I don't know how many times I've seen urban people get real stupid when a bee flies into the room. This shit has really got to stop. Being afraid of nature is being afraid of your own ass. Get it together and take a hike, literally, and re-learn you.

8. Laugh more. Cheese please. 9. Become politically activated and economically progressive. You thought 2008 was a crazy year, please wake up all my sleeping giants and push for real change, and not chump change. Some fanatics are leading people straight into the lion's den. Whether you can vote or not, you can move things.

10. Get into some type of physical fitness. NO, not Wii Fit, but being able to run and walk for five or more miles outside of a treadmill or track. Physical fitness also includes dancing, stretching, boxing, Yoga, recreational sports and SEX, lots of it babee. Oh yes, and the better shape you are in, the better sex you will have.11. Invest in gold and oil stocks/Learn the stock trade and its whole BullShit system. These will be the most sought after resources in trade. They will both go up exponentially.

12. Understand world currency. Paper money is funny and on a decline. Times are a changing, see how your dinero will too.

13. Visit a sacred site and get your head right. This excludes churches, mosques, temples, and any other religious buildings. A sacred site that does not ascribe to Western religion, but taps into your soul.

14. Travel somewhere to unhitch those complacent bones. And please, not to Vegas, New York, South Beach, London, Paris, and any other over-toured areas. Do research and go somewhere that will make you be still and think, enjoy life and cry all at the same time.

15. Before you accept any news, or official government report, do your own research. If you are reading this blog, you already know that the news is corrupted, but pass this thought along.

16. Do socially productive things with your family and dearest friends. There is nothing like a get-together where you see the faces and feel the spirit of those you love. An instant energy shot. As well, if you can, cultivate a business/economic relationship to recycle your dollars within the family. Hell, bluebloods do it, so can we.

17. Cut off deadbeats with love. You will have a lot to tow in 2010, who needs the baggage, but do it in a way that the shedding is smooth for the both of you.

18. Learn how to swim, dammit. There is absolutely no excuse, including your hair, that you do not learn how to swim. There isn't anything like an occassional baptism in ocean or clean spring water. Swimming is a great exercise and if you didn't know water is the most healing element on earth.

19. Stop eating all that cloned meat, fish and veggies. Earlier this year, it came out that the meat industry has implemented cloned animals into our food supply. This is the last of cloning foods because produce and fish have been cloned for some time. With that said, it is imperative that we begin to know where our food comes from. Local is good, but creating an acquaintance with farms is better. Also, get wild caught food instead of farmed fish. And, shop at farmer's markets and talk to the people who grow the food themselves.

20. Boycott fast food restaurants. There isn't anything good at McDookie's, Taco Hell, Frenemy's (Wendy's) or Popped Artery's (Popeye's), but a fast track to constipation and a huge helping to undernourished, non-food.

21. Learn how to cook from scratch. I admit to watching the great chef shows, but whatever happened to a simple pot of rice and red beans or blackeyed peas, and cornbread absent the diabetes in a box known as Jiffy Cornbread mix.

22. Embrace and celebrate the wonderful contributions of your culture. People have made fun of watermelon, a delicacy that actually has medicinal purposes such as weight loss and purging. People have attempted to bastardize steel pan, Soukus, reggae and jazz, but those two musical genres have so much healing, resistance and history within it.

23. Do not sign up to be in any of the Armed Forces, you will go to war and kill innocent people.

24. Be prepared for an uglier political scene during the 2010 elections. This year will be the Wild Wild West, pulling out guns and shooting, then maybe asking questions later, with no apologies.

25. Visit the Congressional Black Caucus event and protest their buffoonery. This year attend the Washington DC Stepin-and Fetch it and let your local congressmen/women of color that they have not done a damn thing.

26. Learn and connect with other people around the world who think like you. We are connected in more ways than you think.

27. Write Obama and let him know he needs to step up, or we will provide the proper shoes that are needed for him to do what is necessary or put a foot up his ass so he will do what is needed.

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Reggie said...

You're offering sage advice for the most part. Hopefully someone will read this and get something out of it.

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

This is a great list and like Reggie said sage. I did get something out of it! Thanks