Friday, December 18, 2009

Behind the Scenes of 2009: Things You Need to Know but Weren't Told

Between Lions, Tigers and Madoff, there were some important issues that somehow, got away from most of the press this year.

Here are some things that were not reported, or barely covered, but play an important part of understanding some of the craziness that will be going on in 2010. Hopefully, I will have more.

1. Black farmers of the US finally won their lawsuit and got a $650 million dollar settlement. The catch was that was a fraction of the $2.3 billion needed to save all of the 100,000 farmers who filed racial discrimination against the US government. Out of that number almost 64,000 farmers’ claims were rejected.

2. Gold prices jumped exponentially, as well as the purchase of guns. In some cities guns and ammunition has not been able to be kept in stores. Although the dollar is not backed by gold, it is a metal that is up for grabs. Look at all the commercials buying your gold. That is because jewelry is considered private gold and will not be confiscated by the nation if they decide to seize gold. There is public gold, connected to the Federal Reserve, but remember this is not owned by the US, it is a private company determining US money.

3. Amero, is the new North American Currency that was initiated by Bush and will be instituted within the next several years after the American dollar tanks. The Amero is a unified currency of the Canada, US and Mexico. Hmm, how will that change rap songs, and classical rap that talks about the “dollar” like God. In fact, the US has put in billion of dollars to develop the Amero.

4. Verichip, the company that developed the hand microchip, you know the one that was supposed to be implanted in our hands by the year 2000. It had a plan to embed prisoners and immigrant workers, but the plan was thrown out due to the lightening-fast evolution of technology; however, the company has changed its name to PositiveID, and says that it is a credit reporting agency and identity-theft agency.

5. People are arguing over climate change, but the Genetically Modified foods have seeped into every agricultural and food industry, even organic foods that scientists have found out, contains some percentage of GMF.

6. Universal Healthcare debate, on any side, does not address the disparity of healthy, fresh and non-GMF foods in urban and areas of color.

7. Universal Healthcare debate, on any side, does not address the disparities in the quality of life in all communities. In places like Compton, Philadelphia and Newark, it costs more to live due to high car/house/life insurance, abusive housing costs where many people rent, and food costs than upper-class areas.

8. In spite of promises that the real estate market will get better it is getting worse and will decline more next year. Plus, the tax credit to buy a house will extend to 2010 and those who rushed to get a house are kicking themselves for not being patient.

9. Real estate corporations and investment groups are buying foreclosed homes by the acre, thus dwindling individual home ownership.

10. Computer hackers were on a roll this year, breaking into the most sensitive data around the world, but they never go to jail. Why? They start working for the government.

11. For years, conspiracy theorists have been rebuked as lunatics, but never in the history of mainstream press has some very interesting things been covered by these so-called crazy people such as:
a. The existence of an elite group has been controling the world's switches.
b. The dollar is on a rapid death.
c. Much more war in 2010.
d. A shift to military focusing on monitoring US populations due to the so-called
threat of domestic terrorism and civil unrest with the fucked up conditions.
e. Presidents really are puppets, but who is the puppet master?
f. Unpredictability of the people is one of the best weapons of revolution

12. People are arguing over climate change when communities across the world are dying of toxic and nuclear wastes by governments; however, to focus on climate change like carbon emissions takes the onus away from water and soil that is absolutely deadly for all.

13. As much as Obama rides for Israel, the state treats black people, such as like the Ethiopian Jews and Sudanese refugees, who live there like shit. And, there have been reports of young Israelis, and even those who have dual citizenship between Israel and USA, referring to Obama as a nigger.

14. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict gets news when areas in the region that live peaceful coexistences, such as pockets in Haifa, are disregarded.

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Goddess Intellect said...

Thank you for giving us the truth...its hard to swallow but its needed.
I think this is why there is such a shift in the world right now, with more folks desiring to elevate their conscious...I'm really glad you stumbled on my blog...keep up the great posts..I'm feelin the knowledge youre kicking :)

Reggie said...

Excellent post!!!

Thanks for spitting the truth!!!

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Great post! This is the real.