Saturday, November 14, 2009


When a Riverside teen named Sarah Kruzan was 16-years-old, she killed a thirty-something male who coerced her into prostitution, along with other girls. She was tried as an adult and convicted to life without parole. Today at 29-years-old, she is facing the reality of being imprisoned for defending herself against a sexual predator.

A self-professed overacheiver when she was in elementary and middle school, Kruzan talks about how a man called "G.G" roped her into sex trafficking at the age of 13; simply by taking she and her friends to the mall for roller skating. According to Kruzan, he was the father figure she lacked until she had sex with him, and then he became her pimp.

Cases like Sarah Kruzan, a young, African-American woman, are unfortunately not rare, especially in the state of California, where women, juveniles, the poor, and those from troubled backgrounds fill the penal system. These penal systems that are privately owned make money from several avenues. Firstly, they are subsidized by federal and state money. Secondly, the cheap labor that is produced garners these privately owned-corporate entities billion dollar profits.

Did you know that prisons are built in California by looking at the third grade reading scores? That is a helluva projection that definitely encourages populations of people to fuck up. And even when they do not, the "Justice" system will find a way.

Another issue that is hardly touched is the Juvenile Court System. It is structured where the Judge presides and decides the fate of children, no jury, and in many cases a disregard of their legal representation. Historically, complaints have been waged against juvenile judges who pass prison sentences to children in a trial that blatantly shows the defendant was not guilty, or at the very least, did not deserve jail time for a minor defense.

But leave it to Good Ole' America, the jails must be filled, so this country can continue to lead as the #1 industrial country that has the highest population of people in jails and prisons. Capitalism, gotta love it!

Furthermore, the US sex trade of teens, both girls and boys of all colors, ethnicities, and classes is a neglected issue that oozes out like an unattended infected social sore from the suburbs, to the rural areas and throughout urban regions.

Prison + America = Neo-Slavery FREE SARAH KRUZAN

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RiPPa said...


I wrote last week about her case and the cases being heard by the Supreme Court with regard to juveniles being sentenced to life in prison without parole.

I was extremely disappointed that the post was ignored in the blogosphere.

Goddess Intellect said...

I first learned about Sarah on Rippa's blog...this is an unfortunate case...
she is basically being told by the Justice system that she should've let that man continue to use her for as long as he seen fit...sickness

ayankha said...

Our system should be ashamed of itself...

If anybody deserves a pardon, she does!

Reggie said...

Excellent post!!!

I've always been a staunch advocate of the death penalty; but I must admit, this case does give me pause.

What a wasted life, she's clearly a very intelligent young woman.

There's a special place in hell reserved for people like "GG".