Friday, October 2, 2009

Mandatory Vaccinations: Health Prevention or Health Risk

Last week, news officials reported that New York Health workers have been mandated to receive the swine flu vaccine. As I was watching a news caster interview some Joe-blow me, he shrugged off dissenters of the issue saying they will either get on board or be quarantined. Wha? (not what, but wha?)

Also, some states, like New Jersey have made vaccines mandatory for children.

You would think that health workers would be lining up to take this shot to prevent the hideous flu. No, they are protesting because they refuse to be guinea pigs.

Another perplexing issue in the swine flu case is the inconclusive evidence regarding the long-term effects in a vaccine that actually killed about two dozen people in the 70s.

What is more perplexing, health experts and health professionals have warned of the medical risks.

What makes the flu such a threatening virus? Most diseases, including the flu are caused by unsanitary conditions and habits. Plus the overuse of bacteria killing hand sanitizers.

So why is there a sweeping mandatory vaccine movement by the grassroots government and a scare to boot going on?

Shall we say, Tuskeegee experiment? Hmmmmm...

In the meantime, eat a little clay and wash your hands after you wipe your ass, please.

Below is a video in Europe we would never see here, but it is actually about tests being run on people who have been given the vaccine. If you listen, the reporter says the projected number of people to be vaccinated are 150 million, can you say cha-ching for the FDA and medical folk who will profit from shots and sickness.

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Reggie said...

Bacj when I lived in New Jersey a few years back I worked for a major telecommunications company that offered a flu vaccine to all of it's employees every year; and for years I stood in line with the rest of the cattle to be vaccinated. Hey, it was free and although prior to that I'd never been vaccinated or been sick, I didn't want to get ill. So I took it for a few years; after about 5 years of getting it (and I never got sick in that time) I missed a year because I just happened to be on vacation when the vaccine was given out....and guess what, I got as sick as a dog a few months later. I stayed sick for three weeks and I lost roughly 15 pounds because I couldn't keep food down. I had pnemonia once; but I'd rather have that shit again before having the flu. It was awful........awful. Both ends of my body were sore from evacuating fluids. I could barely sit down and it hurt to speak too.

Interestingly enough, I made it a point to get a shot the next few years; but after I left that position, I never got another shot....and I haven't been sick since either. But this year I must admit I've been thinking about taking a shot.........I sure as hell don't want to end up with that shit!!!