Monday, August 24, 2009

Wooosaaaahhhhhhhhhh and Breathe

(the Global Goddess aka Travel Diva searches for bargains at the Hollywood Farmer's Market)

Every now and again, you gotta unwind and let go. In the midst of all your battles, a simple pampering is needed for women and men. I indulge in baths, butters, scrubs, and anything I can make or get my hands on.

Tip and big hint for the brothers. A well kept and freshly scented body goes a long way. I only like onions and garlic smells in my food and not in the pits of someone I'm snuggling. Hey, my father was a truck driver for over 30 years, and he stays fresh, even in his overalls.

I am posting a quick snippet of a travel writer who I adore and is doing her thing. Her name is Global Goddes and she has a blog called Travel Divas Destinations. We are damn near twins in spirit, in looks, and locks! We met in LA and have been inseparable; However, her pen is a little softer and savvier than mine...well, some days.

Here is a video of her interviewing, Sabrina Burrell of Face Your Body in Los Angeles. She loves her stuff and I do to! If you are ever at the farmer's market on Sunset and Ivar, YOU MUST check her out. She sells out of her body butters almost every Sunday. She is reasonable, her product is good, and she is very knowledgable in all things natural for the body. She is so good Whole Foods got her on speed dial to do presentations and road shows.

Someone needs to give Sabrina a show. Like NOW.

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ayankha said...

Loving the locks photo and interview!