Friday, July 10, 2009

The Official D.O.A.

So here I was perusing through the airwaves trying to find something to do for the weekend and I came across this profilic response to the current recording industry. A song called "Robot" by KRS-One and Buckshot (aka Buckshot Shorty from Boot Camp Clik). This song does what Jay Z's mainstream response "D.O.A." could not, drop atom bomb seeds. Now don't get me wrong, "D.O.A" or death of the autotune is cool because the instrumentation absolutely kills on the album. Plus, I must admit, Jay worked his swagger in terms of delivery, but lyrically, nope, naw, nyet, not happening. How many times can Jay say "unh" to use up four bars on a track. Dammit, if we could put Jay Z's intstrumentation with KRS's shit and spruce up Buckshot a little more. Killing it! OMG. Anyway, check this out. Blog on

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