Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama's Long Empty List to Africa

Obama, you witty young man you. I gotta give it to you for all that you have accomplished, though, I totally disagree and am frankly disappointed with your speech in Ghana that addressed the African continent's nations.

Today, I will not applaud you for being one of the few US presidents to make the mighty trek to Africa. As a son of Africa, or as you said, as having "the blood of Africa" within you, this is non-negotiable. Just like other Americans who are of Irish, British or Polish descent make the journey to their home countries if and when they have the means, as the American president, you should be an example and do the same.

I will not agree with you just because you are a black man. As you have so proficiently pointed out and provided well-noted and well-needed constructive criticism to African-Americans, I will dialogue with you as a US citizen who has deep interests in Africa and must critique the empty banter of your long-winded speech. So no, I will not pull my race card today, I will be using my Democracy card that says I am in a country where ideas are civilly discussed. Hah!

Your speech, I must say, was generally patronizing at best, and superficial at worst. As you cast the age-old reprimand of "don't blame the white folk for your problems" among people who have been governing themselves before colonialism dissected their antiquated governments, I was scratching my head at the "ho" pass you pulled. It was like you were saying, "Now, now you bitter African people, let me school you on global diplomacy. The rip in your ass does not need to addressed in today's post-colonial era."

Plus, I am not hating or bashing you, because I want you to win. Please know that. You see, if you win, we all win...I hope. Oh shit, I almost forgot that hope stuff went out the door the first hundred days when you experienced the difficulty of getting a red-neck Republican WASP to agree with you that both of you pee from the same hole.

For real though, I just want you to know that I do understand the complicated tax (pun is intended) of being a public servant. The key word is "servant" and I just want to make sure you are serving the people.

But as they say, the show must go on, so I am giving you some pointers for the next script that you should seriously study and address in earnest, because as you said, "Together, we can partner on behalf of our planet and prosperity..." So I am replacing your long, empty list with a short one that has substance. Now I must note, this is just a portion of what I need you to say, so please sharpen up your skills and please do not break a leg, your swagger is the shit.

EcoSoulIntellectual's List for President B.H.Obama.

1. Inequitable and grossly disempowering trade agreements between United States & Europe and Africa.
2. The lack of ownership of natural resources by Africans and African companies, especially farms, gold, diamonds, and other precious metals.
3. Corrupt African leadership that is bought and paid for by Western governments.
4. The large ownership of African businesses by foreign investment firms that exploit local labor.
5. The gross exploitation of multi-national non-profits such as WHO and American Red Cross that provide inferior services and goods to Africa, but make billions of dollars from grants and other funding sources.
6. The implementation of AFRICOM, the military initiative that is supposed to provide "diplomatic" support to conflicts in Africa, but has not dealt with decades-long conflicts in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria and other places.
7. The large sex tourism trade that services mostly white American and European males.
8. The sexual exploitation of disenfranchised and poor African immigrants in Europe's porn industry that has created a porn genre called "African Porn" where men and women are paid to copulate with animals and endure excrutiating pain by engaging in high-risk sexual acts.
9. The non-GMO food and the funky ass seeds that sterilze land and can only yield one season of crops that are shoved down the throats of local farmers.
10. The protection of women and children against civil wars that are funded with Israeli, Chinese, American, and European resources.
11. Better immigration policies for all of Africa and not just select countries where America strips places like Ghana and Nigeria of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals that have caused a brain drain in promising nations.
12. Serious disruption of oil companies that have contributed to the internal disorder in Nigeria; and has created an petro-elite that shits on the "have-nots".
13. The dismantling of modern-day plantations that harvest cocoa, coffee, palm oil and other natural resources that the workers are not allowed to sell or make profit from to supplement their lower-than-living-wages earnings.
14. One more thing, exposing and eradicating the blackwater-style tactics funded by Barrick Gold Corp, a Canada-based corporation with George H. Bush as senior advisor, that funds military invasions in Zaire for gold-grabbing operations.

Okay Barry, oops, I mean Barack, you're in Africa now, this is just the beginning, but I'll be back. Blong on, kns

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