Monday, July 20, 2009

Man, Maniac or Manning-Up! Chris Brown Apologizes to Rihanna and the World

Today, Chris Brown did on television what most men would not do in private or even if they had a court order. He apologized AND accepted full responsibility for his actions. I hate the term "man-up" but in the American definition of manhood, C.B. stepped up to the plate. And you know what, it took a teenager (or someone just out of his teens), to teach a lesson of growth and humility to a lot of these overgrown (and old ass) closeted and very public domestic abusers.

In a society where celebrities are casually dismissed by the public, it was very interesting the way that C.B. was depicted by news. It was as if this serious stain on his human growth was a circus show and a platform where all could spit upon him and not serious look at the whole situation, especially, Rihanna's participation in an abusive relationship. Feminist organizations were in an uproar at what he did to RiRi, as they should've been, BUT there sudden burst of energy around this topic troubled me deeply!

If these organizations were soooo concerned with RiRi, where were have they been before with all of these other cases of black women in domestic violence?

In case you did not know, according to the American Bar Association: The number one killer of African-American women ages 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate partner. And now I hear the crickets.

I take issue with people and organizations that take advantage of unfortunate incidents and use it to blast their agendas with no real concern with the individuals.

As a result, brothers who have the potential to redeem themselves, like Chris Brown, are not able to be nurtured and taught healthy relationship behaviors and attitudes. Instead, C.B. was vilified, and on some notes, the hood rejection of the media’s biased coverage has glorified his actions. Consequentially, the black community and ALL of America's domestic violence issues (oh, lets not forget the violent legacy of slavery as a serious domestic violence issue) are not seriously worked through. As a result, women's bodies and lives are regarded as fodder for the course.

Furthermore, the extreme violence that the music industry promotes, enforces, and frankly narrowly pushes in “urban” markets is something that many organizations have not connected to this incident. C.B. who sings love ballads gets bashed more rappers and their songs that talk about violence and sexually violence acts such as “beating” a woman’s insides (womb) as a form of sexual gratification. This is the classic ape shit that blows me sometimes.

Lastly, it fucks me up that the media's coverage of RiRi’s “recovery” or rebound from the incident has her partying in New York, tattooing someone in a parlor, getting pissy-ass drunk in a club, smooching on some dread in Barbados, or hugged up with her girlfriend/assistant, oh yeah, and the new do, and in all the photos she is looking flawless and fearless with top-of-the-line fashion.

What type of message does that send to women and young girls in the similar serious process of healing? Buy some Prada and the shit will go away? Come on!

And if that is not enough, the press has given so many passes to other celebs for the same ill-reputed actions. To me, the real reason for the C.B. bashing was that Rihanna is such a money bag$ to the industry, her investors were fiery, red hot when she could not perform. And the fact that her relationship would mess up their investments before she cashed in were simply too costly. You know what I mean, all of her plastic surgery, clothes, jewelry, hair, shoes, private flights, and body guards has to be paid back 100 fold before they will dismiss her. Ask Michael Jackson...oh shit, he's dead.

The fact is, Rihanna keeps many punk-ass executives in Hollywood afloat and paid very well. These industry types were thinking, “Rihanna is much more of a commodity than that Virgina-country as coon, Chris Brown.” Ask Jay-Z, he’ll confirm this.

So, today, I salute Chris Brown for his courage. I really wish him well on his growth, but if he ever tries that again, he needs a good ass-beat down.

Here is a quick list of left hookers: Christian Bale (star of Batman) can hit his mother; Don Cornelius can smack the shit out of his vanilla candy, Robert Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) can put the smack down on his spouse, Alan Panettiere (“Heroes” Hayden Panettiere’s father), Marty Crandal (Keyboard player for Shinns) can whoop on his girlfriend leaving bruises on her body, Amy Winehouse, Shannon Price (Gary Coleman’s wife), and Bishop Thomas Weaks for literally stomping fellow minister, Juanita Bynum. Blog on...EcoSi

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ayankha said...

This is the only somewhat positive coverage of the this. I woke that morning to 4 analysts debating the authenticity of this apology. And surprisingly, the white woman thought it was heartfelt and that he deserved a second chance. Ironically, the "sista" doubted his sincerity and was hesitant to forgive him. Damn, she wasn't even the one who got assaulted.

It is always good to hear that people who make an egregious mistake are allowed some type of redemption. I hope both of them heal from that most unfortunate situation...not from shopping spress though.