Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sacred/Secular/Spiritual: Where does Your Sadness Settle? Womb Consciousness 101

Some years back I was listening to Kali Alexander, owner of Lotus on the Nile in Los Angeles speak about black women and fibroids. She as a first-hand expert, once once suffered from fibroids and used her knowledge of natural treatments and wholistic living. Good sister, very knowledgable, and more importantly, affordable and ethical, and well-studied.

In her talk, Kali said that her research on fibroids led to discussions around the spiritual links to the issue. Spiritually, fibroids is a result of women not being true to their hearts and living out their purposes. That slapped me in the face.
As many dismal reports show, black women are the number one sufferers of fibroids to the point that it is called, "The Black Woman's Disease." This makes me think of all of my mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, hell, and even me, who have foregone our heart's desires for whatever reason.

Some people may disagree and quote their physicians as they get cut up and take medicine that may shrink the fibroid, but give them crazy migraines...only for them to grow back. But let us look at where SADNESS settles in our bodies. Look at the many women who are walking around with these potbellies full of misery, holding onto bad memories and bitterness. We are depressed, oppressed, and repressed! Our hips don't sway with tilt or pizazz anymore. Truly we have become the world's beasts of burden. Our baggage is our testimony of suffering.

Let me take this a little further. As a result of straying from the truth in our wombs has caused other bombshells to go off. Our hormones are seriously off-kilter and we have lost the art of knowing what to do. My grandmother is 91 and she has a hair full of head, no stretchmarks, and not one strand of facial hair. Today, sister's are dealing with five o'clock shadows, PMS that is off the chain and body odor between the thighs that will knock any living thing out. Dang, let us get this shit together....but I swear to you all, I write this to check myself as well.

I want us to smile some more, laugh some more, get our swagger back. What do you want to do? Seize it, do it, and love it!

Tip: Bellydancing is one of the most effective exercises to massage and repair our wombs. Get it girl! The above photo is of a dancer who participated in the annual Belly Dancers of Color Annual Conference during Memorial Day Weekend in Silver Spring Maryland . The facilitator of the Belly Dancers of Color Association is Sunyatta Amen out of the DC area. Take a class, you will not regret it!
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