Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Madness: The Open Policy on the Obamas, Distraction Tactic

A couple of days ago the news reported a South Carolina political official saying that a gorilla that got loose in one of the state's gym was an ancestor of Michelle Obama. The list goes on, and on, and on, about reports of ignorant and racist remarks and jabs being taken at the president and the first lady. Of course, this is higher than usual. The press is releasing these reports from the rip, merely creating a "us versus them" scenario saying that the US is fundamentally a tolerant country with a few loose canons.

I have been watching these reports and they are usually white males from a rural area, or the South or Midwest. Highly religious and ultra right-wing. This type of profile I do not find unusual because that is the repeated identity that the news always highlights as the "ignorant cracker or red neck" who is stuck in Neanderthal politics. This is problematic because the news does not update the depiction of the crazy racist, thus placing an image that has people thinking they are crabby middle-aged, white guys with five-inch nose and ear hairs growing like weeds out of their orifices. These social deterrents are smelly, anti-social schizoids who secretly scratch their jock-itch while watching child pornography drinking off-brand hot beer.

Though these profiles might be true, but I assert that this is just one slice of the crazy pie that makes remarks such as these. Why do I say this? Because I have heard more come from people the news would not profile or bash as such. These people are not all ultra-right wing, or Republican. They are your boss, your teacher, your representative, your doctor, a scientist, hell a grocery-store owner. They are people who do not fit the bill in any way. However, it is far and few between that these people are exposed because it is hard for "America" to deal with the embedded racial hierarchy that people have been reared on since they've been on the tit of Liberty.

One of the most famous ones is Don Imus. He got a good tongue-lashing, a brief removal of on-air presence, and a public flogging. Boo-hoo! After roughly eight months, he was given back his show and thunderous support from millions of listeners. Now, could the news argue that all of his listeners are parallel to the profiled nut bags that shot shit up? Of course not. These suit-and-tie folk are upstanding civil people. The only time news is spread about them is through talks about how the office or the university has this racist professor who takes gut-belly jabs and messess over people, but is regularly ignored by administration. Or better yet, the law-abiding mom who just does not understand those other people, you know those criminals.

It is easier to deal with the extreme cases, then really deal with the daily, insidious, systematic workings that really create the atmosphere for a nut bag to be singled out as the "real problem."

Overall, I have been thinking about the biased reporting of these profiled individuals that I will call special cases because they resemble crazy, race assassins of the 1950s & 60s. This is very interesting because it keeps people who have historically been victims of these attacks on edge, and the other half, on edge because their color category resembles the attacker. So it is a process of hiding and forgetting.

I wonder in the bigger picture why all of this sensational media on these people. I have heard from the old folks that this is nothing but a case of bait-and-switch. While CNN loops the same story of terrorism throughout the day, other things are going on that we don't know about. Bills are being passed in congress unbeknownst to us. And here we are cringing about a crazy f*cker. This rants and raves are merely distractions. What is the real agenda?

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